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Engineering a better future together with DevOps

In a fast-paced IT environment, the need for frequent updates for applications has increased significantly, often creating a tussle between developers and operational teams, thereby decreasing efficiency. DevOps approach integrates developers and operations team to improve collaboration and productivity. DevOps engineers have an end-to-end responsibility, from gathering the required sources for development, testing, infrastructure deployment and monitoring the software development lifecycle. They are also required to gather feedback from the end-users and implement changes when required to. This continuous process of software development lifecycle has increased the demand for DevOps engineers to a greater extent as they are considered as experts in a multitude of technologies.

IIHT’s DevOps training course enables students to apply the DevOps principle to make software life-cycle more efficient. The course allows students to master various aspects of a software development like testing, configuration management, continuous integration, deployment, delivery, and monitoring using various DevOps tools such as GIT, Maven, Eclipse, Docker, Jenkins, and Nagios. The course module also promises a blended learning experience where the students are exposed to real-time projects using DevOps tools, and upskill to apply for the best jobs in the industry.

IIHT - Bridging the skill-gap

In the current technological landscape of Indian and global IT industry, DevOps offers a golden opportunity to enterprises to leverage their business. The industry’s warm welcome to newer technologies and development principles like DevOps has created a fall-out for India’s nearly 2.8 million IT professionals. The message is loud and clear- bridge the skill gap and comprehend DevOps or be ready for a tough time ahead.

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DevOps Training - What will you learn in DevOps?

After successfully completing the course, students will have expertise in different aspects of the latest and industry-specific DevOps technologies. The course allows students to automate all the aspects of modern code delivery and deployment using various tools including:

  • Source code management tools
  • Build tools
  • Test automation tools
  • Containerization through Docker
  • Configuration Management tools
  • Monitoring tools
  • Continuous Delivery tools

What are the tools covered in DevOps training?

Students will master the best available DevOps tools during the course period. Some of the popular tools covered are:

  • SCM and Build: GIT, Maven
  • Testing and Coding: Eclipse, Visual Studio
  • Containerisation: Docker
  • Continuous Integration: Jenkins
  • Configuration Management: Puppet
  • Monitoring: Nagios
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Course Content

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